. If you are interested in this service, the first thing you should do is to send me the document that you need to translate. Except for very complex orders, you will get my reply with the estimated budged within 24 hours after I have received the files. The average rate is 0,08 € per word, which can be increased according to the urgency and whether background research is required.

I consider confidence and trustworthiness of my clients the most important part of my work, because it is the guaranty of effective and satisfactory collaboration for all parties. For that reason, I offer you the possibility to test my professional skills without any further obligation by committing myself to translating any sample text under 200 words.


To provide the interpreting service with full guarantees, it is important for me to have enough time to get acquainted with the topic of the upcoming meeting to prepare all specific lexicon. Rates for interpretation depends on the duration of the event, as it is estimated per hours, half days and full days.
1 hour: 35 euros
Half day: 130 euros
Full day: 240 euros
If, for an interpretation service, a displacement was required, transport and accommodation spends would be additionally charged when necessary.
I am personally committed to offer always the best possible service to guarantee that your speech will be perceived exactly as been thought. I will help you along misunderstanding, ambiguous situations or inappropriate jokes among others. Moreover, I will explain you some cultural differences when it would be necessary for a satisfactory conversation.