Hello, my name is Marina Karasik. In this section I would like to invite you to get some useful information about me and my relation with the world of translation and interpretation. I was born in Saint-Petersburg, a splendid cultural and artistic city. Although I have a sound academic background in economics and finance, I feel a long-standing passion about translation. I started studying Spanish right after having finished the university and I immediately discovered how charming were both the language and the culture. It is always said that to really succeed in something, one has to go all out for a dream. And that is was what I did.
My wager started in 2009. It was the time when I decided to change the direction of my career. I left my job in the financial world and set about studying a master’s degree in Intercultural Communication and Public Service Interpreting and Translation at the University of Alcala in Madrid, Spain. For two years of studies, I had been improving my Spanish and got deeply involved in everything related to Spanish culture.
Although I also have taught Russian over the last few years, the principal focus of my professional development has focused on translation and interpretation. I believe translation is an act of communication in its broadest sense. That is why it is so important to discover other cultures, lay the background analysis and find out all these nuances that brighten up a language. My aim is to help entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses to introduce themselves to the Russian market and also to help Russian companies looking forward to establishing a line of business in Spain.
I consider myself to be a perfectionist who longs for learning and keeps training not solely in the field of translation and interpretation, but also in other areas of interest. I have never stopped studying because my profession requires a high level of erudition, good memory and insatiable curiosity in order to offer the most possible high-quality service to my clients.
You can find more information about me, my studies and working expierence on my LinkedIn page.